The Diversity List

THANK YOU, INDIEWIRE! “Not All Stories Are About Straight White Men”: 1886 from THE DIVERSITY LIST is #1

Say it loud and say it proud: no need to have The Diversity List “kept on the DL” [down low]!

If you missed the CINEMA IN NOIR @cinemainnoir #DreamCasting blog-radio show for #TheDiversityList you can listen to it here

Where are the Women of Color in film history? Not much of anywhere #1outof500


One fantastic way we can change this is Jon Greenberg’s #RaceBechdelTest. Check it out here.

TIME Magazine, UCLA Bunche Center and MDSC at USC-Annenberg all present studies with summaries such as:

“..films with greater than 20% minority casts made significantly more money worldwide than the films for which that figure was 10% or lower”

and from The Wall Street Journal:

“When you’re looking at moviegoers, the percentage of nonwhites is even greater. According to the MPAA, Latinos on average watch 77% more movies per year than white consumers, making up 26% of all moviegoers; Asian Americans, 11% more, and African Americans, 6% more.

So casting nonwhite actors would seem to be, you know, an opportunity. Not a responsibility. That’s what UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies has revealed in their new ”2014 Hollywood Diversity Report,” subtitled “Making Sense of the Disconnect.” According to the report, “Movies with a relatively high amount of minority involvement (21-30 percent) on screen posted the highest median global box office receipts ($160.1 million). In contrast, films with the least minority involvement (10 percent or less) posted much lower box office receipts ($68.5 million).”

They also say there is no proof that “boys don’t go to girl movies”.

Thank you CAREY CAREY–>

FRANKIE AND ALICE is coming out on 4/4/14 because Black Film has been so successful lately at the box office says Jezebel.  This is after being in the can since 2008 and never getting a full release- 6 years and the industry reaches back to find this. They should make more.

The Diversity List is inspired by this comment:

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.34.12 AM


and then BELLE is coming to the big screen Internationally

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 9.48.41 AM

Making entertainment with an Asian Female Lead is a no brainer, as the demographic is the “most popular on online dating”– Just smart business, pleases male and female viewers:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.51.19 AM

Roll call for scripts that feature a woman of color who is not a maid or a nail lady, etc:

1-hour Drama, TV pilot


by Vanessa King


Barely able to make ends meet, Dez, a stripper and middle-aged single mother from a Northern Wyoming Native Reservation, is lured into working for a fracking company – the West’s modern day “gold rush” – where she is forced to choose between what’s right, and what’s needed, right now.



Action Comedy

Escaping an abusive boyfriend, Karen bolts with Two Million of his drug supplier’s money. Who ends up with it depends on who gets to her first … or helps her along the way.


1-hour Drama, TV pilot

by Ashley Charbonnet, optioned to Under the Stairs Entertainment

Finalist and runner-up in Script Chix & ScreenCraft’s Pilot Launch 2013

The show is a turn of the 20th century illustration of the sultry and seedy underworld of New Orleans’ infamous Storyville red light district and the cast of characters that both control and are imprisoned by these city blocks. In a world where gender, race and lineage are the weights in the power scale, the players in this drama use cunning, seduction and information to survive and in some cases escape these streets that have too often been romanticized.




A team of disabled veterans reluctantly reunite when their former commander drops a bombshell on them: the terrorist that caused their disabilities is in America to pull off a devastating attack, and they are the only ones that can stop it.


Coldbeer– Latina veteran who gets deadbeat dads to pay up
Sanjuro – Japanese-American veteran




1-hour Drama, TV pilot

Nominated for the 2013 International Emmy’s new writing award

After suffering from an anxiety attack, a woman crippled by guilt over her secret second family seeks the advice of a therapist who is secretly a womaniser with a sinister and cruel agenda.



Historical Drama

Top 15% BBC’s Scriptroom 4

The true life story of The Anarchists of Chicago headed by Albert & Lucy Parsons and German immigrant activists. Lucy is a Latina, Native & African American woman outspoken fighter for labor, said to be “more dangerous than a thousand rioters”. 1886 reflects today’s fight for a living wage and the global revolution denouncing corrupt governments.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.54.53 PM

#1 on Indiewire’s List of Solutions to Hollywood’s Lack of Diversity: Scripts NOT about Straight White Men That Will Make MONEY
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.39.55 AM


Grindhouse/Horror Comedy

Tagline: This dead hooker ain’t no joke


A slain prostitute is brought back to life using available body parts of other women in a voodoo ceremony, avenges her death and takes out the bad guys who kept her and other women down. She’s every woman. It’s all in her.* Thanks, Chaka Khan.


Comedy/Rom Com

*Now with Kite Flight Films, looking for co-producers!

Hadley Hawkins accidentally drunkenly defiles a hoodoo alter on spring break during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Because of this she thinks she’s cursed to keep seeing ex boyfriends she can’t stand the sight of back at home. Hadley has to figure out how to remove the “hex” and get on with her life.

Comedy/Magical Realism

Set in modern day London, Fran the Fairy and Carl the Cupid are the enforcers of human pinky swears. Their next case: A pair of best friends in Oliver and Jane. As children, they pinky swore to marry each other if they are both still single by the time they were both 30 years old. On the last day of Jane being 29, Oliver is ready, but Jane is not…



1-hour Dramedy, TV pilot

by Matthew Cruz, Repped by Tom Drumm at Think Tank

A high-stakes dramedy surrounding the volatile personal and academic lives of MBAs and professors set in the most exclusive and cutthroat business school in the world.



1-hour Dramedy, TV pilot

by Matthew Cruz, Repped by Tom Drumm at Think Tank

A journalist begins to unravel a conspiracy surrounding a controversial scientific procedure that brings the dead back to life.



by Cynthia Adarkwa
2013 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Finalist &
2013 Brooklyn Girl Film Festival Feature Screenplay Winner

Zora, an eccentric twenty-something, must decide if her unexpected pregnancy will take precedent over her dreams of dance stardom.


The following dramas all by Allison Dean:


An honor student whose career goals are stymied by her violent home life attempts to overcome her traumas and forge a career and peaceful life with a young man she meets in a park and falls head over heels in love with.



A poor southern woman forfeits her dependence on her estranged husband when he is killed and is forced to gain financial independence to continue caring for their scholarly teenage son, while fighting off financial vultures with the help of a local humanitarian.



A young woman’s mother dies leaving her weak and dangerously vulnerable to the married man she loves and feebly grasping the last straws of emotional stability provided by her best friend and roommate.



A spoiled Chinese-American woman is sent by her Aunt on an adventure to find a series of red envelopes that will lead to her inheritance but she ends up discovering something worth much more.



Two mountaineers on Everest uncover a plot to extort guides and climbers. When a murder occurs above 24,000 feet it becomes apparent that the former honor at altitude is gone, replaced by greed and organized crime leading the two climbers to attempt to bring that honor back to the peaks by finding the murderer and extortionists, 24,000 feet above sea level.



by Melissa Kong

Chelsea always thought she and Tina Fey could be friends. When Chelsea’s chance to meet Tina is taken from her, she sets out on a journey to meet Tina and become best friends forever. Along the way, Chelsea begins to realize that to live the fantasy she wants, she has to get out of the fantasy she’s living in.




    Drama / Romance / Family

    Set in post-segregation America, it is a race against time to convince an abandoned black mother who rebuilds her life – after returning home from college pregnant and shamed, to allow her son to be a donor to her ex-boyfriend’s dying daughter.

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