The First Bitch List

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*Please keep in mind that we are not a production company and we do not represent writers or projects, nor do we do coverage for people we do not know. We are here to encourage individuals/writing teams to create more female forward content in hopes that decision makers will give those with merit a look. We have no say in any optioning of any screenplays, etc…

Please also respect the boundaries and time of people who may request screenplays. The goal shouldn’t be “sell, sell, sell”. We’re here to up the quality and choices of content. We appreciate everyone being mindful of this. Do not send anyone unsolicited screenplays.

Here’s the scoop from 2013:

Hello all,

We are so proud to present our writer submitted list of Bechdel Test passing screenplays that are yet un-produced.

We hope to have an industry voting system next year. We’re so thrilled to show you these projects we received via our writer friends from Twitter and our Facebook page– Sent from people who care and conscientiously give women a boost via their screenwriting.

In no particular order for 2013:


By Claire Yeowart

In 1955, after a debutante witnesses a murder, she forms unlikely allies with a young criminal as they battle London’s most ruthless crime boss.

Searching for Sanctuary

By Roz Mattocks

An average suburban housewife survives the fall of government, and has risen above the anarchy as a lone warrior that must decide whether or not to help a small group pass through dangerous zones in search of sanctuary.

Broken Road

By Lydia Mulvey

A burnt-out ER nurse must prevent a brilliant nano-scientist from using her autistic sister to achieve his terrifying goal of gaining total remote control over the human mind.

Cold Crossing

By Lydia Mulvey

A desperate woman plots a complex scheme to get her kidnapped daughter back using an ex-boyfriend, a bag of stolen drug money and a daring but dangerous idea; but forces beyond her control threaten her best laid plans.

Man, Woman & Car

By Gregg Moscoe

It’s July of 1954 and in a case of mistaken identity. legendary auto icon Enzo Ferrari sells a magnificent racing car, the last Ferrari 375 Spyder, to a wealthy American, Willie Smith. Controversy explodes in the streets, cafes and bedrooms of Modena when Willie arrives to take delivery, and the master manipulator and arch-chauvinist Ferrari must face the awful truth: he’s sold his fire-breathing race car to…

A woman.

In Sight

By Simon Underwood

A young woman, searching London for her missing sister, finds a scared, scarred young boy. Teaming with a care worker investigating the death of one of his patients, she must protect the boy from a secret society with their own map of London and dire plans for the world.

 Puzzle Box

By Simon Underwood

Three college students are injected with a drug that turns all their dreams to nightmares. Linked together, they must find a way to survive and wake up before being killed – both in dreams, and reality.


By Gregory Blair

A murderess bound for the noose is given a second chance as a ward in a convent where the mysterious ways of the sisterhood grow darker and more menacing, leading to horrific revelations and deadly consequences.

Turkey Calls

By Jeff Field

Four women form unlikely friendships while working a temporary holiday job at the Plump N’ Juicy Turkey Hotline.

With Child

By Jeff Kacmarynski

A pregnant woman, who is haunted by spirits that want her unborn baby dead, makes a shocking discovery about her future and her child.

*Winner of The Bitch Pack Award at Shriekfest 2012 at Raleigh Studios, for best horror screenplay that passes The Bechdel Test, as chosen by Shriekfest readers

Matriarch of The Wolves

By David Daniels

A young woman abandons reason and fear by hunting the werewolf pack that brutally murdered her family and threatens her small town.

New Eden Falls

By David Daniels

Set against the backdrop of civil war in post-apocalyptic America, a military nurse goes AWOL in search of her missing young daughter as the planet is on the brink of extinction.

Oh Bondage! Up Yours

By Harry Waksberg

Just out of college and hurting for work, Patti takes a job stripping at the Hot Shop. She could never expect that she’d lead the dancers to organize against management.


By Lee Gabel

Rejected by her older sister’s gang, a teenage girl from a broken home joins a rival gang and ends up battling her own flesh and blood on the gritty streets of South Central Los Angeles.

The Harsh Mistress

By PJ McIlvaine

Period Western about a headstrong woman who teams up with a mysterious trapper to find her missing husband.

Sixty Acres

By PJ McIlvaine

Period drama set in the rural South of the 1930’s about a precocious tomboy whose innocent quest to find her widowed father/lawyer a suitable wife unleashes a backlash of bigotry and violence.


If you are interested in reading any of these, please email and we will put you in touch with the writer(s).

Thank you for taking a look and for your support in strengthening women’s dialogue in film!

This list is dedicated to the loving memory of Richard Alexander Friedman who passed suddenly on January 6, 2013. He truly loved women and supported the work- a fantastic friend and confidant- best a gal could ask for. You can help arts (music) education by donating to Rich’s memorial scholarship fund.



  1. Awesome! Hoping that these scripts get read and optioned. As a man, I’m disgusted with the way Hollywood is run and how the image of women is portrayed. May sound odd coing from a “guy”,! Congrats on your first of many lists!!

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