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It’s here. The little list that could, with some help from our friends, a small group of delightful & dedicated people.  Any revolution starts first with a minority.

We’re looking at the year ahead – 2014 – and seeing which stories will hopefully get made into films one day.



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Did Hollywood listen?

The leaders in repping female forward material that made it here are:

William Morris Endeavor 4

United Talent Agency 3

Caliber Media 2

Luber Roklin 2


The most-liked un-produced Bechdel-Wallace Test passing screenplays of the last 12 months from voters are:




With the most votes***


by Kirsten Smith and Kurt Lustgarten

An old-school jewel thief enlists a computer hacker to help her pull off the heist of her career.

Reps: Adriana Alberghetti at WME (agent), Bryan Brucks at Luber Roklin Entertainment (manager to Kurt Lustgarten)

Status: Available



The others in no particular order:



GUEST by Matthew Cruz

After checking into a hotel to escape her abusive husband, a woman realizes guests in the next room are holding a young girl hostage.

Rep: Tom Drumm at ThinkTank (manager)

Status: Sold to Island Bound Productions, filming later in 2014




A twenty-something female war veteran who comes back from Afghanistan – grappling with a disability. While working a potentially lethal investigation at a post-war job, she gets involved with a superstitious NYPD detective who helps bring her back from a personal precipice.

Reps: UTA

Status: Acquired by Paramount



HIGHSMITH by Eliza Lee

The story of crime novelist, Patricia Highsmith, whose amoral protagonists like Tom Ripley propelled her into the literary spotlight; however, she spiraled into alcoholism and promiscuity when she could not put her name to an iconic lesbian novel, THE PRICE OF SALT, during the McCarthy era.

Rep: Bryan Brucks at Luber Roklin Entertainment (manager/producer)

Status: Looking for co-producers & financing



CAKE by Patrick Tobin

Claire, addicted to pain pills, becomes obsessed with the suicide of an acquaintance and forges an unorthodox relationship with the dead woman’s husband. As her life spirals increasingly out of control, Claire must confront her many demons—which may now include the ghost of the dead woman.

Reps: Adriana Alberghetti and Kimberly Bialek at WME (agents)
Sara Bottfeld and Ava Jamshidi at Industry Entertainment (managers)

Status: Optioned by Ben and Daniel Barnz



LlANDFILL (Welsh title) by Nicholas Horwood

Landfill (American title)

When pregnant ex-police officer Monica Sharaawi accidentally moves to a small Welsh village that is home to Britain’s biggest landfill site, the locals are deeply suspicious; but when the toxic site spawns a seven-foot tall man-eating mutant, Monica has to protect the village, shut down the landfill and destroy the mutant…. before her water breaks!

Reps: Mitch Solomon at Magnet Management (US), Matt Connell at Berlin Associates (UK)

Status: Available



PURE O by Kate Trefry

When a college student facing graduation starts suffering from uncontrollable violent thoughts, she becomes obsessed with finding out what they mean.

Reps: Lee Stobby, Silent-R (manager), Tim Phillips, UTA (agent)

Status: Available




When her security job drags Iraq vet Eliza back to the mountains she once fled, she must battle a cult of horribly disfigured snake-worshiping mountain-folk and her own lack of faith to save a child from a sacrificial ritual.

Reps: N/A

Status: Optioned by S. Leviton, Miranda Sajdak, Under The Stairs Entertainment. Looking for co-producers



INK & BONE by Zak Olkewicz

A female editor is assigned to help a reclusive horror writer finish his latest book only to discover the writer is being held prisoner in his home by everything he’s ever written.

Reps: Dan Cohan at WME (agent) and Will Rowbotham at Caliber Media (manager)

Status: Sold to Dimension



JACK OF RED HEARTS by Jennifer Deaton

A rebellious teen on the run from her probation officer cons her way into a suburban family as a live-in helper for their Autistic daughter – an experience that changes her cynical perception of the world, but threatens to be snatched away at any moment as the law catches up with her.

Reps: N/A

Status: Optioned by Lucy Mukerjee, Sundial Pictures. Janet Grillo attached to direct and produce



THE EXPENDABELLES by Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith

A crew of tough women band together to form a team of mercenaries who will take on a villain in the small South-East Asian sovereignty of Brunei, one of the wealthiest countries on Earth.

Rep: Adriana Alberghetti at WME

Status: Sold to Millennium



THE THIRD WHEEL by Matthew James McDonough

While it seems like every single bitch they went to high school with is now living ‘happily-ever-after’, two thirty-something best friends put marriage, kids and mortgages on hold in order to chase a different dream– writing the next big novel craze à la Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey… However, with their chance of success fading as fast as their looks, their close bond is fractured when one of them panics and falls for ‘Mr. Right Now’.

Reps: Will Rowbotham & Adam Simpson-Marshall at Caliber Media (managers)

Status: Available



SCROOGETTE by Teresa Kale

On Christmas Eve, a high school bitch is visited by three spirits who help her rediscover the true meaning of Christmas – and get to the bottom of what made her hate it in the first place. It’s CLUELESS and EASY A meets Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Rep: John Tantillo (manager)

Status: Optioned by Level 1



DRUNK DRIVING HEROES by Courtney Podraza & J. Patrick Rigney

What’s the quickest way for a girl to get popular in high school? Hit a serial killer with her car, of course.

Reps: Max Michael at UTA (agent) & Dan Bodansky at Dixon Talent (manager)

Status: Available





Bitch Pack Spotlight Story:

TUPELO 77 by Rich Mancuso

Set in a small town in Mississippi during the summer of 1977, the year of Elvis Presley’s death and the hottest summer on record in Mississippi. Tupelo 77 chronicles the lives of a group of women of various ages and races who are regulars at a roadside diner. Together they struggle to overcome obstacles of poverty, racial and religious differences, as well as the wounds of war.

Status: Optioned by Angel Entertainment, Canada. Bob Crowe is producing. Julie Dash attached to direct. Looking for co-producers



Writers Lab Selection:


A famous author’s dark past comes to light again in the wake of a string of grisly murders.

Rep: N/A

Status: Available






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