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Big Triumph

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What everyone working in entertainment can learn from the hyper success of

Sleepy Hollow

#Gender #Race

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MT: “Whitewashed just isn’t racist, it’s boring”

“Meanwhile, some major networks may finally be getting the message. At this year’s annual Fox Broadcasting confab, titled “Seizing Opportunities,” the underlying theme was more diversity equals more money. Speaking to an invitation-only crowd of executives, producers, agents and media coalitions, Fox COO Joe Earley said this about welcoming more diverse shows:

“Not only are you going to have more chances of a show being made here, more chances of a show being a success on TV, more chances of making it into syndication, more chances of a show selling globally and making you millions of dollars, but you are going to bring more viewers to our air and keep us in business.”

When will all producers, studios, film festivals, agencies, management companies get this?

In the business when bottom line counts …




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Hot off the presses: Two of our members win & strike a deal- Go Vanessa and Ashley

We couldn’t be prouder:

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Fun highlights from our Twitter:


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Excitement and progress happened.


We’re so happy to have these new tags brought to you by the wonderful folks at The Black List:

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We love having help with our mission:

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Veronica Mars beats a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Record in 4 hours!

How ’bout them apples? #smartfemalecharacters = lots of moolah from fans

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We did our own week with In Media Res – A Media Commons Project.

Thank you so much to Karen Petruska for setting it all up for us and to Georgia State University.


You can check out all the great work at: http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/




We hope to get out there, talk with and highlight women/men making a difference for women’s representation in our industry…

For now—>

Who would’ve thought- women know each other’s names and talk about things together in reality:




A discussion about hiring female directors on LinkedIn.com: The more material about women is out there will translate to more women directors at the helm to bring it to life. Don’t take it from us, here’s what others have to say.




“Lists have to stick together.”

Thank you, Black List Nate.





We don’t want repeats of this:




Guys should listen to this guy:




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