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2015’s Bitch Pack Best in Show at Bluestocking Film Fest is getting turned into a feature film!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.09.59 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.43.34 AM


2014 Award went to KIMBAP:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.09.17 AM

Excited to help judge 2015’s Etheria Film Night at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood




This was so much fun – October 2012!

Our gal Franki Butler from Chapman University (MFA Screenwriting) presents the prize at Raleigh Studios across from the Paramount Lot in Hollywood-

For the 12th Annual Shriekfest in Los Angeles, we’re super happy to be on board with a special prize in the Screenwriting category that has never been offered before:

Best Bechdel Test Passing Horror Screenplay



For your chance to make your mark and seal your place in Shriekfest history and possibly Hollywood history, go HERE. Please specify that you’re entering for the general contest and also for “The Bitch Pack Award”. If you’ve already entered, you’ll be automatically in the running for this special award.

To qualify, your horror screenplay has to have a scene where two named female characters talk about something other than a man- this can be a monster, a ghost, an alien, math, science, spooky weather conditions, how their day went, their hopes and fears–  you name it.  Simple, right?

Newline Cinema and Groundswell Productions are putting out a Bechdel Test passing Horror Comedy film called The Final Girls written by Mark Fortin and Josh Miller who are represented by CAA and Mosaic Media.  If they can write something that passes, you can too. Todd Strauss-Schulson of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is directing.

DEADLINES: May 22. Late entry date July 10

Questions? shriekfest@aol.com

Wouldn’t this look great on your website and press pack?

Declared “LA’s Most Successful & Entertaining Horror Film Festival” by LA WEEKLY
2010 Movie Maker Magazine top 25 film festivals worth the entry fee!
2011 Movie Maker Magazine top 13 film festivals to die for!
Founder Denise Gossett voted number 5 out of 13 Most Influential Women In Horror History


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